Staines Service Centre & Staines MOT Centre Ltd

Prices & rates


Class IV MOTs are currently set at £54.85.*

Our current hourly labour rate is £65 plus VAT.*


Air Conditioning: R134a Re-gas current prices starting from £55.00 plus VAT.*

(Subject to most makes and models.) 

New makes and models with R1234yf gas current prices start from £75.00 plus VAT.

4 Wheel alignment/Tracking: Prices start from £45.00 plus VAT.

We offer a range of services for your vehicle.

Full service - £80 + Parts + VAT (average price starts from £160)

Interim Service - £50 + Parts + VAT (average price starts from £90)

Sceduled service (manufacturers specification) £varies

Other options available on request. 


Please contact us for any other requests or questions and/or to book in your vehicle!

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Terms & conditions apply